Sunday, January 17, 2010

You belong

"So in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others."
Romans 12:5 (NIV)

"It's okay, mom," my twenty-something son said with a playful grin as we discussed the recent package he received from his aunt. "I know I'm the favorite. It's okay that the others know."

When you move to a new location, it's quite natural for someone to ask where you are from. Such information provides a point of reference. When you move often, however, it's a challenge responding to that question. In fact, if you're not attentive to your listener, a thick fog can begin to form over their eyes as they attempt to follow you on a road trip of your life.

"Well, I'm from all over. When I was little, I lived in... Then my family moved to ...and after that to... I started high school in..., but finished in... I graduated from college in...and moved to...for a full-time job."

With each of our seven moves, I made an intentional effort to help our children understand where they are from. In a combination of summer vacations, Thanksgiving holidays, Christmas breaks, birthday celebrations, and family events, we've logged thousands of miles on our automobiles traveling to our native southeast Missouri. My desire has been to give my son and daughter a sense of their roots, an awareness that they belong.

My sister, Glenda, has been especially instrumental in helping my kids develop this feeling of belonging. When my son went off to college, she began sending him a specially prepared "care package" each semester. Tucked inside were all his favorites--Pop-tarts, peanuts, chips, Orbit chewing gum, and homemade cookies and banana bread.

Engaging our mother's baking talents, the package soon included her popular Date Nut Bars; one of my son's favorite cookies typically made only at Christmas time. It didn't take long before other family members got involved in the project. My twin sister contributed monetary gift cards. A brother, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law created a dispatch system to help deliver "grandma's treats" to my sister for timely mailing.

A side note is required at this point. It's been noticed that some of grandma's cookies disappear as her contribution is handed off from one person to another. Note to self: Seal grandma's container before it leaves her house.

Six years since her first mailing, my sister still sends an occasional package to my son, who has graduated and works full-time. The tradition now extends to my daughter, two other nieces, and another nephew who all attend college. Glenda maintains a detailed inventory of each child's favorite items, strategically plans the time it takes for individual parcel delivery, coordinates her baking schedule, and carefully packs items to prevent crushing. With purposeful intent, she mails each package on a specified date and electronically tracks each one to confirm delivery.

As a young man of few words, my son spoke volumes when he good-naturedly said, "I know I'm the favorite." He may not understand the time and care his aunt dedicates to this seemingly simple box of goodies. In the middle of poking some fun, however, he realizes his position. He belongs to our family.

As a Christian, each of us is in Christ Jesus. This phrase implies a shared solidarity; and like a body that has many members, we each belong to the body of Christ. (Romans 12:5) No believer is left out. Consequently, we stand in relation to one another and are engaged to do all the good we can to one another. (1 Corinthians 12:14)

No matter where you are from, my friend, as a believer you belong!

Blessings, my friend.
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